j.Frances Design

Unique Jewelry Hand-crafted with Love in Des Moines, Iowa

About j.Frances

My name is Jillian Lare, and I have been an artist in some way for my entire life. I discovered jewelry making a while in college in the late 90s and enjoyed working with semi-precious stones and sterling silver to create wearable works of art. After moving to Iowa from my native Pennsylvania, I founded j.Frances Design in 2009  (Frances is my middle name) and began selling my creations on Etsy and at local craft fairs.

j.Frances is run entirely by me out of my basement studio. I make each of my pieces by hand, and many of my designs are entirely fabricated from copper, silver, and brass by me. I enjoy not only natural stones but also beautiful glass beads from the Czech Republic and occasionally vintage elements. I approach each piece as a little wearable work of art, and I hope that they bring joy to their wearer.

For my day job, I am a practicing interior designer and teach interior design at Iowa State University. I live in a suburb of Des Moines with my husband Keegan and our two dogs Eddie and Booker. We're expecting our first baby in December of 2017. I also enjoy watercolor painting, which I've been practicing on and off since middle school.

To learn more about my creative process, day to day life, and other interests, please check out the j.Frances blog. You can also find j.Frances on Instagram and Facebook. I also blog at http://www.jillianlare.com.